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All you'll ever need to know about purchasing calibration gas

All you'll ever need to know about purchasing calibration gas

Posted by Dr. David J. Silver, B.S., M.S. Ph.D., CIH on Mar 20th 2019

Not all calibration gases are equal.

It is critical for any monitoring program to establish accuracy standards for the monitoring systems that are used in measurements. Calibration gas plays a critical role with the measurement of Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) atmospheres that exist in confined spaces and many hazardous atmospheres throughout industry and commerce. At Egas Depot, we understand the very nature of your safety concerns, lives are at stake, and you have an important function in making sure that your equipment is at peak performance. We provide the highest quality gases manufactured by Intermountain Specialty Gases in cooperation with EgasDepot, a division of CIH Equipment Company, Inc., an ISO 17025 A2LA accredited calibration laboratory for the calibration and repair of industrial hygiene equipment.

The Certificate of Analysis.

For the most accurate measurement data, you will want your calibration gas to be accurate and come with a certificate of analysis. Every gas mixture at Egas Depot is analyzed and upon request, comes with a certificate of analysis.  The QR code on every bottle that Egas Depot supplies provides direct access to the URL (internet address) of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and for the certificate of analysis for that specific gas blend range.

Ordering your gas is easy especially when you understand your application and allowable tolerances. In the blending process, errors are minimized using the highest quality standards that can be used. NIST traceability is achieved through gravimetric weight calibrations or by titration and is reported on the certificate of analysis. We make an effort to exceed your expectations regarding accuracy and low uncertainty. Select a gas based on your minimum acceptable requirements of the task. As a general rule, the more complex the mixture, the lower the uncertainty, the higher the cost. At Egas Depot we make custom blends to your requirements.

Ordering calibration gas has never been easier.

Open up and we have several options to order:

Option 1. Call us at 833-386-9248.

Option 2. Use our Gas Finder Tool. Enter the gas from a scroll down, ppm or %, and then the balance gas.

Option 3. Search by category. If you know what you want, this can be relatively easy.

Option 4. Enter a part number in the search area. Hit Enter.

Not all companies are the same.

At Egas Depot, you make or break us. That is why we respect you, your time, your convenience, and the critical role you have at your company. We always want to hear from you, good or bad. If there is ever anything that we can do, just let us know, we are always willing to be self-introspective  and make changes where needed.

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