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Nextteq (Gastec)


Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Nextteq LLC is a trusted, global leader in the industrial hygiene and safety industries. We are a focused, results-driven organization with a management team comprised of entrepreneurs, PhD chemists, and certified industrial hygienists.

As the exclusive U.S. master wholesale distributor for the Gastec Corporation, Nextteq offers the complete line of Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps and Detector Tubes for rapid and precise measurement of gases and vapors. With over 600 applications, we offer a solution for virtually every testing need.

Gastec's patented gas sampling pumps offer smooth, precise measurements with no risk of partial samples.

Additionally, Gastec systems require fewer pump strokes and provide faster results than leading competitors. Gastec products are manufactured in ISO-9001 certified facilities.

 The Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps are the industry’s first and only pumps to provide on-the-spot measurement of ambient temperature. Nextteq’s patented Thermal Ring encircles the base of the pump and accurately displays ambient temperature from 32°F to 104°F. The Thermal Ring reduces the risk of error and increases safety by enabling users to correct for temperature variances on the spot.

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