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Elk River Fall Protection


Elk River Fall Protection Safety Equipment by EGas Depot

Of all the causes of serious injury and death in the oil and gas industry, falls are among the most prevalent. Here at EGas Depot, we aim to reduce the risk of falls by offering fall safety equipment and accessories that remove distractions, so you can focus on maneuvering safely in potentially dangerous work conditions. Our Elk River fall protection equipment ranges from cables, slings, and anchors to harnesses, hooks, and winches. All of the fall safety equipment and accessories are manufactured and designed to endure the grease, grime, and corrosive materials that you might encounter on the job. View the Elk River Sizing Chart.

Please note that the manufacturer requires a minimum order of $125.00 USD. 

Returns and Refunds

Except for any products designated on the website as non-returnable, the manufacturer will accept a return of products for a refund of your purchase price, less any shipping and handling costs we paid, provided such products are returned in condition for resale. If you are experiencing any issues with the products or need to return the products, please contact EGas Depot at 1-833-386-9248 or email us at and we are happy to assist in that process. To return products direct to the manufacturer, call them at 1-800-633-3954 or e-mail the Elk River Customer Service at to obtain an RMA number before shipping your product. Returns will not be accepted without an RMA number. There is a 15% re-stock fee for any returns.