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Calibration Gas Regulators

Calibration gas regulators are available by E-gas depot. We offer many types of gas regulators including fixed, demand, and adjustable flow, and we have the best pricing on the market. Visit our "Find a Regulator page" to get needed flow rates and a chart to help you match your regulator to the bottle and gas type. If you are still unsure about which gas pressure regulator you need, feel free to contact us—we’re happy to help you find the right calibration gas regulator.  

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Helpful hints below on connecting and disconnecting the Regulator

 Our Regulators are equipped with CGA and C10 fittings for connection to our cylinders.

 Connecting the Regulator to the Cylinder 

  1. Close the regulator outlet valve by rotating the valve knob in a clockwise direction.
  2. Connect the regulator to the cylinder. The regulator should be attached to the cylinder without forcing the threads. If the inlet of the regulator does not fit the cylinder outlet, it is likely that the regulator is not intended for the gas service.
  3. Slowly open the gas cylinder valve. Check the inlet pressure gauge to ensure that it registers the expected valve. Low cylinder pressure may indicate a leaking valve, which can be a serious safety issue.
  4. Check all high-pressure connections for leaks using an approved soap solution or leak detection device/
  5. Open the cylinder valve completely.
  6. Adjust the regulator hand knob to raise the delivery pressure to the desired valve. Do not exceed the maximum delivery pressure indicated by the model number label on the regulator.
  7. After flow is established, the set delivery pressure may decrease slightly. Check to see that the delivery pressure is as desired and make any necessary adjustments.

  Disconnecting the Regulator from the Cylinder

 For temporary shutdown (less than 30-minute duration), simply close the regulator outlet valve.

 For extended shutdown (beyond 30-minute duration), follow these steps:

  1. Shut down any additional gas supplies tat may be supplying gas to the system.
  2. Open the regulator and the outlet valve to drain the contents of the regulator through the system in use. Both regulator gauges should descend to zero.
  3. When using a toxic or other hazardous gas, purge the regulator and system with an inert gas (see instructions on Purging Regulator, below).
  4. Close the regulator by rotating the hand knob counterclockwise. Close the outlet valve by rotating the valve knob clockwise.
  5. Disconnect the regulator from the system or downstream equipment.
  6. Disassemble the regulator from the cylinder by slowly loosening the cylinder connection. Listen for gas seepage. If leak is evident, re-tighten the cylinder connection immediately, and check the cylinder valve for proper closure.