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Vital ID

Worker Emergency Identification

Worker Emergency ID's are a proven low cost solution to support the risk management of your people and your organization’s reputation - it saves lives.


Water Resistant, Helmet Safe Adhesives & Non-Conductive Materials 


WATER RESISTANT - The outer sleeve is designed to be resistant to the ingress of water. In the event that water does get past the    tamper proof seal, the synthetic paper ID tag inside is 100% water proof and fully retains all information stored. It can even be fully immersed for extended periods without the tamperproof seal being closed leaving the tag fully intact and all data retained. 

The clear tamper proof seal is NOT designed to provide a water proof seal, it is a tamperproof seal only & ensures the data in the card is protected from unauthorized access. The waterproof ID card (made from quality synthetic paper) is the feature that ensure the products effective use in wet / humid environments.


HELMET SAFE ADHESIVES - We utilize 3M manufactured adhesive film in the production of our hard hat ID. This type is of identical specification and adhesive type as used by the 3M company in the production of their reflective tapes designed and recommended for use on firefighter's helmets and other protective occupational safety helmets. This adhesive does not in any way degrade the protective performance of safety helmets, hence the recommendation from 3M for it's use in emergency workers protective headwear.

Our products have been in continual use on hard hats in the field, in a broad range of challenging climates and demanding industries worldwide for over 6 years. No cases of helmet degradation due to Vital ID adhesive have been reported or raised by users. In addition, our Emergency ID adhesive has undergone and passed laboratory tests by hard hat manufacturer ‘Centurion Safety’. The adhesive also enables the Emergency ID to stick effectively to high-viz jackets and similar safety apparel.


NON-CONDUCTIVE MATERIALS - 3M confirms that both the retro-reflective Scotchlite film and the 3M adhesive we use in our products are both non-conductive and as such do not present any increased risk to the wearer. In the 3M usage recommendations, 3M specifies that both the reflective materials and adhesives we use are suitable for applications such as fitment to hard hats and clothing used by firefighters and other  emergency service personnel.




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